Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Healthcare’s major customers are progressively more digital inhabitants– they continue to congregate and source information from a number of curated and in-curated information channels. The influence of buying decisions from such sourced information continues to increase and evolve.

Motivating customers to stay ahead in a world of amplified regulations, sliding price pressures, mounting R&D costs, patent expiration’s, duct pressures and increased calls for intelligibility, life sciences companies are looking for novel thinking, best practices & tools that drive business nimbleness across the value chain.

We provide innovative IT services and solutions to healthcare, pharmaceutical and life science organizations worldwide that help them set new standards in the domains like Membership Management, Benefit Administration, Provider Networks and Contracts, Claims Adjudication, Prior Authorization, E-Prescription, Portal (Member, Provider, Employers, Brokers), Managed Care, Premium Billing and Financials, EDI, Sales Management, Care Management, Customer Support, etc.

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