Salesforce Administrator

Required 2 Years+ experienced Salesforce administrators with excellent communication skills

Job Summary: The Salesforce Administrator is responsible for the administration and continuous improvement of Salesforce for all stakeholders, including Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and all other internal teams utilizing the platform. Acting as the liaison between various internal groups, the SF Administrator will be responsible for managing the Salesforce environments (production and sandbox), supporting Salesforce-based applications, troubleshooting and working with end-users to insure that the application meets the needs of the business and keeps pace with any changes in operational requirements, policies and/or procedures.

Responsibilities and Essential Functions

• Provide strategic direction for the Salesforce system and work with various stakeholders to establish and implement best practices with regards to system configuration, development, testing, maintenance, security and access controls, and data integrity.
• Administration of the Salesforce environment including: customizing and implementing profiles, roles, security settings, sharing rules, custom applications, custom objects, custom fields, page layouts, workflow, validation rules, dashboards, reports, and so on.
• Coordinate testing and manage deployment of software updates.
• Create, maintain and enforce data integrity standards.
• Develop and maintain administrator and user documentation.
• Work with end users to provide best practices and tips on Salesforce usage, including account management, training and coaching, documentation, and support as necessary.
• Provide guidance and advice to users who are developing and run daily/weekly/monthly reports to insure data and process integrity.
• Coordinate introductory training for new Sales staff and manage a regular training program for the existing Sales Team to ensure all staff are informed of best practices and new developments.
• Maintain sales territories, users, and account hierarchies within Salesforce.
• Collaborate with information owners and stakeholders to provide on-going improvements to the company’s reporting platform.
• Assist with system upgrades.
• Develop data handling processes to minimize duplication.

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